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Winter Educational Workshops 

With recent concussion and sports turf related law suits, field safety is becoming a priority for many. The most important factor in a sports field is a  durable and safe surface. Performing field safety audits and regular GMAX surface testing can ensure your field is safe for every athlete. We offer:

  • Complete safety audit report with recommendations
  • GMAX testing using Clegg impact device in accordance with ASTM standard. A full report with data for each test area including infill depth measurements are evaluated                          
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Despite  improvements in playground safety and design, according to the CDC, emergency centers  treat over  200,000 children ages 14 and under for playground injuries each year.  Ignoring inspection and routine maintenance to your playground will cost more money in the long run. Our goal in doing playground inspections is to identify hazards, avoid lawsuit, reduce injuries,  limit liability, and potentially  reduce insurance rates, and protect your equipments warranty. We also:

  • Provide Detailed reports for inspection or audit
  • Assist with the creation of a site file with proper documentation

With over 70 years experience combined in the turf industry, Turf Innovations can assist you with all aspects of your athletic field. Whether it is a simple project of educating on best maintenance practices or providing assistance to the construction process, Turf Innovations has the know how and resources to help your athletic field perform at its best in a variety of conditions.


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Turf Innovations has extensive experience when it comes to  the Golf Course. We have experience in every aspect of Golf Course construction and maintenance. We can assist with:

  • Fertilizer pesticide programs
  • Irrigation Audits and consult on Irrigation issues
  • Budget programs
  • Maintenance Staff Education
  • Soil Testing

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Golf Courses

Playground Inspections 

Turf Innovations prides itself on keeping up on the latest inventions in turf care.  These unique and new tools of the trade can simplify the turf maintenance process and identify problematic areas of the turf. Sometimes having access to testing devices that accompany software and new technology can be be expensive, time consuming, and difficult to obtain . We can provide your facility with use of these tools and new technologies. We are always on the look out for the most accurate equipment to help  your turf performs at its best.

Field Safety Evaluations

Athletic Fields​​

The Expert Solutions Advantage

Innovative Products

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Winter is the perfect time in our industry to educate your crew on best maintenance and safety practices. Dan and Randy have done numerous talks in the past about their areas of expertise. Let us help you in the off season by sharing our knowledge. We offer a wide range of training seminar topics such as:

  • Risk Management and the Safety of your Athletic Facility
  • Managing your Golf Course while under Renovation
  • Choosing the right Equipment for your Facility
  • Budgeting for Success.
  • Leadership Starts with You
  • Gmax Testing
  • Increasing Revenue at your Golf Facility
  • Properly Maintaining your Synthetic Turf
  • Benefits of Aerification

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